Turkish Cargo brought the young lionesses and the young lion to South Africa, their natural habitat, from Kiev with a connection flight from Istanbul, driven by our respectful attitude to animal rights.

Home-Coming Story of the Lion Family


Origin of the Lions

The three young lionesses Luca, Charlie, Kai were born in a circus community in Ukraine while young Nathan was born in a private zoo involved in illegal trade. It was going to be a difficult life for the lions, which were born in steel cages 12 thousand kilometers away from their natural habitats.


Years of Captivity

The lions lived under tough conditions in a concrete and steel cage of 35 square meters, away from their natural habitats between 2014 and 2018. They were used as circus animals and kept without direct sunlight and clean air, far away from their natural habitat.

January 2018


The lions, found by the Lawrence Anthony Earth Organization which is an organization acting with the mission of defending animal rights, were set free from the cages following long-lasting negotiations. The lions were then taken under the protection of the respective organization for nearly one year, and they survived thanks to supports and donations at their temporary home in Ukraine.

August 2018

Turkish Cargo Gets Involved in Rescue Operation

Lawrence Anthony Earth Organization contacted our brand to ask for help for the rescue operation. Intending to provide a contribution to the sustainability of wild life, Turkish Cargo got involved in the process as the sponsor carrier. Upon preparation of all necessary documents such as CITES (The Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora) and obtainment of all necessary permissions, the expert teams of Turkish Cargo planned the rescue operation in detail, and completed all preparations based on our 30-year experience in live animal transportation operations in accordance with the IATA LAR (IATA Live Animals Regulations).

November 2018

Journey to Freedom

The lions were transported in specially-designed containers, where their nutritional needs were met, and they were accompanied by their keepers, specially-assigned veterinarians, an authorized person from the Lawrence Anthony World Organization and our IATA LAR certificated personnel during the flight.

A New Life

After a long flight covering almost 12 thousand kilometers, the lions were set free at Kragga Kamma Natural Park, a natural habitat embracing huge animal populations of Africa and offering all-green coastal forest and meadows extending along 14 thousand square meters. Initially having some difficulties to get used to their own habitat as they got used to the conditions of the circus, the lions keep discovering their real habitat and freedom with their new friends.