The best move for immediate shipments!

By means of TK URGENT, we are transporting your last minute and critical shipments to the destination with top priority. Thanks to TK URGENT, we are ensuring the coordination for your shipments under the surveillance of the 7/24 accessible «TK URGENT» team at SMARTIST throughout the journey from the point of departure to the destination.

Urgent solutions for critical shipments

By means of our TK URGENT service, we are offering the fastest solution for your all special and general cargo shipments covering your pharmaceutical shipments, valuable cargo, live animals and general cargo! We are dispatching your TK URGENT shipments so as to provide you with the opportunity to enjoy the top priority for loading and unavailability for being offloaded at any flight you wish. We are transporting your shipments, which require top speed and priority, just on time to the destination thanks to the attentive and close monitoring by the TK URGENT team!

You can contact our specialized team on 7/24 basis by sending an e-mail message to tkurgentcargo@thy.com or dialing +90 850 333 0777 for receiving support at the time of booking of or during the course of tracking of your TK URGENT shipments.