The World's Logistics Center

We continue to offer our services more simply, with higher quality, faster and safer thanks to SMARTIST, our mega cargo terminal which is among the largest hubs in the world. By making use of SMARTIST, we are committed to enhancing the position, we have among the leading air cargo brands in the world, further in terms of both capacity and service quality, in addition to the fast transfer we provide to our customers. SMARTIST, equipped with the smart technologies such as Automatic Storage Systems and Robotic Process Automation will take the unique service quality of our terminal much further in respect of operational speed and quality. In future with the technology of Augmented Reality and Unmanned Ground Vehicles, we will continue its development. Our mega facility will also highlight the intercontinental location of Istanbul and serve as a gate that is excellent for the trade between the East and the West. Thus, our hub will be ensured that Istanbul becomes the logistics center in the world by directing a major portion of the air cargo traffic in the world to the new hub at the Istanbul Airport.

Material Handling System (MHS)

At SMARTIST, we offer an innovative storage process with our autonomous systems for the transfer of cargo to storage locations without the use of lifting equipment. We aim to reduce the dependence of our operations processes on humanpower, optimize storage processes and ensure the optimal efficiency and utilization of storage capacity.

With our ASRS autonomous intelligent storage systems, we carry out weight and size measurements by scanning cargoes with sensors, and we carry out destination-based storage operations related to shipment without manpower and with minimal equipment movement.

With our PCHS ULD storage systems, we perform automatic measurement of ULD weight and height and automatic ULD assignment according to the time of the expedition. We carry out a fast, lean and high-quality operation by using special heat-controlled storage areas to store cold chain ULDs. We optimize the ULD loading process with this system that works integrated with our flight schedule.

Work Order

At SMARTIST, we integrate Work Order Work Orders into our workflow with automation systems to ensure the delivery of cargo to the desired points in the fastest and most efficient way. Thanks to the integration of the system and the process, we shorten the distance of movement of cargo within the facility. We ensure that all units are synchronized and can be controlled from the beginning to the end of the processes in the warehouse transportation processes.

Smart Dock

SMARTIST has operation areas and cargo acceptance doors that are classified according to product groups to ensure the highest level of service quality. A SmartDock system has been designed to direct our customers to the correct reception doors from a total of 90 doors. Thanks to SmartDock, the quality of operation is maximized by reducing vehicle traffic in cargo acceptance by directing our customers' vehicles to the right doors at the right time.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

At SMARTIST, we run 15 different cargo business processes with our artificial intelligence robots; Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, Delta, Echo, Foxtrot, India and Juliet. Our software robots, which we call Metal Collar employees are able to perform our routine, human error-prone and manual work processes independently of people 24/7 and work in harmony with our employees. In this process, our employees are directed to more value-added jobs and their motivation is increased. In this way, we continue to provide the best service to our business partners by adopting quality, speed, efficiency and digital transformation in our business processes.

SMARTIST, the smart facility we have built at a total area of 205 thousand m² at the Istanbul Airport, enabled us to reach the capacity to handle 2 million tons of cargo on yearly basis. Upon the completion of the second phase of SMARTIST, our capacity will reach 4.5 million tons at an area of 340.000 m². At SMARTIST, operational processes will be carried out readily and more favorably with the least movement inside the warehouse, thanks to the information system developments, which function on an integrated basis with the automated systems and allow for optimization of the business processes.



Total Area

2,2 M

205000 m2



Total Area

4,5 M

340000 m2