Turkish Cargo is everywhere

Turkish Cargo is servicing to 127 countries and 321 destinations with using the capacity of its freighters and passenger aircrafts in the fleet of Turkish Airlinesenger aircraft in the passenger flights carried out with Turkish Airlines. Turkish Cargo also has potential to organize freighter flights to several destinations around the world.

With Interline / SPA agreements, Turkish Cargo expands its network area and can service to the destinations which is not being flown by itself. Currently, Turkish Cargo has 160 interline agreements and more than 80 SPA agreements with other airlines, and this number is increasing day by day. With this agreements side airlines could have a chance to service to their customers in broader network area.

Through these agreements, Turkish Cargo can also provide service to the locations like major cities in Australia (Sydney, Melbourne, Perth), New Zealand (Auckland), some destinations in Latin America, Africa and for also many distant places in Far East which are not being flown by itself or Turkish Airlines.

Turkish Cargo is aiming to continue its efforts about increasing number of its Interline and SPA agreements for meeting its customer’s demands in the places where are out of its own network, and for producing the better international logistics solutions to its business partners.