As Turkish Airlines, we provide you with the opportunity to enclose your own tracking device from approved manufacturers to your consignments so that you can collect real time detailed information about your cargo during its transportation.

You must comply with below terms in order to use real time tracking devices;

  1. When making a booking, always notify our local customer service agent that you will be using an approved active tracking device.
  2. You have to fill the brand, type and ID of the tracker in the handling specifications on the AWB.
  3. Only the following approved devices can be used in Turkish Airlines flights;

  1. If there is a strong customer demand for another type of device, we will check if it fulfills the Turkish Airlines Flight Operations requirements to conform to air safety regulations and will allow the use possibly.
  2. Activated flight mode tracking devices is mandatory.
  3. Your device must be appropriately packaged inside your shipment and will not be handled by our operations team.
  4. Where the customer is acting on behalf of the shipper and/or end-customer, the customer will ensure compliance with and acceptance of these Terms of Use of active tracking by the shipper and/or end-customer.
  5. Approved devices are accepted onboard all Turkish Airlines flights but denied for transportation on interline routings with other carriers.
  6. If the tracking device is powered by other than lithium button (coin) cells and there are more than two packages containing tracking devices/data loggers, then the lithium battery mark must be attached to all packages in the consignment that contain tracking devices. Moreover, the words “Lithium ion batteries in compliance with Section II of PI 967” or “Lithium metal batteries in compliance with Section II of PI 970”, as applicable must be included in the “Nature and Quantity of Goods” box of the air waybill. Please strictly consider the IATA Guidelines “Battery powered Tracker: IATA Guidelines Battery powered Tracker”.
  7. A Shipper’s Declaration for Dangerous Goods is not required.
  8. In case a shipment must be scanned and the existence of the active sending tracker is causing an alert (and the tracker was not prior announced), the security process is started which might result in a delay of the shipment and in additional costs (which might be borne by the customer).
  9. Turkish Airlines requests no additional costs for enclosed trackers. The customer has to buy the tracking device himself.
  10. If there happens deviations (temperature, etc.) during the flight, the same procedure as for other irregularities will apply. There exists no special intervention logistic for shipments with a tracker attached.
  11. Active tracking devices can be subject to export controls in some countries and can be categorized as dual-use. Therefore, individual aircraft and/or country restrictions may apply, thus, we may not allow them on some flights.
  12. The customer will be solely responsible for the tracking device and the data derived from it and will indemnify Turkish Airlines against any and all damages, fines and losses of whatever nature which may result from the use of the tracking device or the non-compliance with any of these conditions.
  13. Turkish Airlines reserves the right to request any data obtained on a shipment that has travelled across the Turkish Airlines network.
  14. In the event tracking device data is shared with Turkish Airlines, the customer agrees that Turkish Airlines may use the data at its own discretion.
  15. All tracking devices are also subject to the shipment´s Acceptance Policy requirements.
  16. Advance booking is not required for tracking device.
  17. Tracking device-enabled shipments follow the same acceptance and recovery times of the product chosen for shipping.
  18. Permission to use these devices are based upon current provisions and can be revoked at any time.
  19. Turkish Airlines may offload and refuse carriage of a shipment in the event of non-compliance with these terms.
  20. Turkish Airlines reserves to the right to take legal action, in case it incurs to any losses or damages stemming from tracking devices.