Turkish Cargo, one of the fastest-growing air cargo brand, announced the launch of its cutting-edge Air Cargo Revenue Management (ACRM) System, that is co-developed together with Turkish Technology, ICRON and Invent.

Turkish Cargo’s ACRM system is now live with at pilot destinations Dallas, London, Doha and Singapore as of March 5th and dynamic rates can be used for reservations made for the flights on March 20 and later. ACRM will be extended gradually and rapidly to the worldwide.

This sophisticated system is designed with advanced algorithms and machine learning capabilities to revolutionize decision-making processes and implement real-time personalized dynamic pricing strategies.

The AI-powered optimisation solution provides capacity for last-minute shipments to closer flights and competitive prices for early bookings. In addition, it offers instant bookable dynamic rates on online channels, enhances digital booking experience and ensures fast responses to customer needs